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Wherever you are in Central Queensland, our event calendar is packed full of organised road, MTB, BMX, track, and triathlon activities.

We follow all the cycling clubs on the CQ Bike Clubs page for the latest race events and public social rides in Central Queensland, then compile them into one simple event calendar below.

Also included are a number of state and national events that may impact local clubs, in order to help clubs avoid date conflicts when planning future events.

Social rides and meetings are only included if they are published by a recognised sporting club or promoter. This is because many unofficial cycling groups don’t necessarily want their events shared to non-members. Social cycling groups are still listed on the ‘CQ Bike Clubs’ page so riders can contact them directly.

Riders hit the finish line at Round 2 of the CQ XC Mountain Bike Race Series – Gladstone MTB 2019


  • Clubs usually require membership or registration before a rider can race in an event. Always check with the host club before attending an event.
  • Events can change due to weather, lack of volunteers, etc. Always check with the host club to ensure accuracy and currency of info.
  • The events calendar is updated every Tuesday morning. Occasionally a race or event might not hit our radar. If you want to ensure your event makes the calendar, contact us or tag @CycleCQ on Facebook.

Event Calendar

Central Queensland Bike Race and cycling event calendar.
Challenge the Mountain – Rockhampton 2019

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