Mount Morgan MTB Trails

The Mount Morgan Mountain Bike Trails network is a new MTB park in the Rockhampton hinterland town of Mt Morgan.

Built around the picturesque No. 7 Dam, the reserve features approximately 20 kilometres of green and blue trails suitable for novice and intermediate riders.

Accessing Mt Morgan MTB Trails

The main trailhead is at 2 Byrnes Parade, Mount Morgan. Located right next to a large community playground and picnic area, there is plenty of parking even on the busiest day.

A full map sign is located near the trailhead. There are also a small number of them along the trails, but be prepared, the signage here is sporadic and poor.

Mount Morgan Mountain Bike Trails are owned and maintained by Rockhampton Regional Council. I like the concept and layout but the trails have a history of not being terribly well maintained.

Facilities @ Mount Morgan

Drinking water, toilets, and family areas are abundant near the trailhead. There are no shops on site so bring whatever supplies you might need with you. If you want refreshments before or after riding, there are plenty of good eateries in the main street of Mount Morgan.

If you need parts or accessories, the nearest bike shops are 30 kms away in Rockhampton, so take any possible spare parts with you.

Several hotels provide accommodation. The Silver Wattle van park has received good reviews from riders.

Trail Ratings

Trails cater for novice and intermediate class riders. There are no black trails in the park. Included in the details of each trail below is a symbol to indicate its degree of difficulty as per the IMBA Trail Difficulty Rating System.

 (Green Circle) Easy
 (Blue Square) Intermediate


Easy trails @ Mount Morgan


Gangulu is the main trail that encircles most of the dam. It’s beautiful and scenic and fun. It is just under 10 kilometres long, however an oversight in its original design, means that you have to turn around as it just … ends. Non-locals will either need to turn around and head back, or take the Cutter’s Run blue trail which might be beyond their ability. So basically, at least 20 kilometres, not 10. You might also try the unmarked fire road down to River Street, then take the first right up onto Byrne’s Parade then back to the trailhead. It’s all kind of dodgy. There is a definite feeling of ‘not being finished’ to Gangulu trail and the park in general. It’s a shame because Gangulu rides nicely for the most part. If it actually formed a loop, it would be ideal for a sports day ride for school kids, or even a multi-lap race for adults.

Miner’s Mercy

Miner’s Mercy remains in near-pristine condition for much of its length, due in large part to the fact that there’s no signage to show riders the way. Few people know it exists. Parts of Miner’s Mercy however are badly eroded due to poor drainage design, while other sections are being reclaimed by nature. We’re talking saplings in the middle of the trail. This is another potentially good trail ideal for beginners and intermediates alike. Miner’s Mercy joins Gangulu in two places. Only one end is marked and the other end which has an actual sign is very confusing.

Intermediate trails @ Mt Morgan


A it’s core, Bungoona is a great little trail with really nice views at the top. It is probably the least neglected trail at Mount Morgan due to its close proximity to the trailhead. That said, it’s difficult to tell where Bungoona ends. Theoretically, it comes out on Gangulu but there is no signage to indicate where one should go at the bottom. Indeed, there are several unmarked options, plus parts of the early section of Gangulu have been reclaimed by nature.

Cutter’s Run

The final trail forking off Gangulu, Cutter’s Run begins with an almost 100 metre climb followed by a fast and technical blue descent. A well-built trail by Trailworx.


A steep climb and a steep descent. This one will test your skills. Another quality trail by Trailworx.


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