Night ride on the mountain bike trails, Lower Pig and Cactus, at First Turkey MTB Reserve.

10 Minute Trails – Up Lower Pig Down Cactus

The Lower Pig-Cactus loop in the video below happened at the end of a Rockhampton Mountain Bike Club social night ride on 14 January 2020 at First Turkey MTB Reserve.

We were all pretty buggered by this point but pushed on up the hill regardless 🙂

This 10 minute video shows the full uncut climb up Lower Wild Pig (green rated) then the fast descent down the Cactus enduro trail (blue rated) to show you what to expect.

If you use Strava, you can click on the picture below to view the segment.

Up-Pig-Down-Cactus segment on Strava

The Lower Pig-Cactus loop is a popular mountain bike route at First Turkey with lots of uphill switchbacks over its 65 metre elevation, and then a fast downhill flow trail with plenty of rocks, double jumps, table tops, and drops.

The First Turkey mountain bike trails are managed by Rockhampton Mountain Bike Club. If you want to join the crew on a social group night ride, the Turkey Roll night ride is held every Tuesday. Details are posted on the Rocky MTB page on Facebook.

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About the trails

Lower Pig and Cactus are machine-built trails and were completed in late 2016. Cactus was a new trail in the network while Lower Pig was a rebuild of a previous and somewhat horrendous climb. The Lighthouse Hub is at the summit of Lower Pig, which is also where the Cactus trail begins.

Cactus is blue rated so make sure that you ride within your limitations and maybe do a scoping ride before you hit it too hard.


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  1. […] a second part to this night’s ride which was special enough to warrant its own video called Ten Minute Rides – Up Pig Down Cactus, which happens straight after where this video ends if you want to check that out […]

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