Social rides group of mountain bikers riding along Turtle Street beach on Curtis Island 2020

Social Rides

Social rides are a great way to tag along with local riders, explore what our region has to offer, and to make new friends.

Rockhampton Social Rides

From time to time, we’ll tag along with groups in other towns on their social adventures but around Rockhampton, we hold a few ourselves, particularly where there’s a gap.

We hold social rides around Rockhampton, Mount Morgan, and Capricorn Coast, usually with a mixed road-gravel or off-road component. Distances vary from 25 km to 100+ km rides.

Social rides are posted on Facebook and Strava so join us there to hear about upcoming rides.

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Legal Stuff

Should you come along on a Cycle CQ social ride, we have some rules and requirements, designed for the safety of you and other riders, and the legal protection of ride leaders.

With regards to social rides, the terms ‘Cycle CQ’, ‘us’, and ‘our’ means all riders who take part in that ride, not an entity, business, or individual. You take part in the ride voluntarily. Riders are not charged a fee, and in return, no supervision or training is implied. While the ride leader is familiar with the circuit and will attempt to keep general order throughout, most aspects of the ride depend on the actions of each individual and are beyond the leader’s control.

Thus, no guarantees or promises are given as to the safety of riders, their bicycles, or other possessions. Appropriate rider insurance is strongly recommended either through AusCycling. Neither the ride leader nor Cycle CQ will accept responsibility for any peril that may befall anyone who chooses to join in.

If you attend a Cycle CQ social ride, you:

  • accept all responsibility for your own actions and preparations;
  • acknowledge that you are riding at your own risk;
  • absolve both the ride leader and Cycle CQ of all liability.
No. 7 Dam Mount Morgan social ride
Skirting the wall of No. 7 Dam to reach the trails – Mount Morgan adventure ride 2018

Social Rides – what you need

  • Your bike must be mechanically sound and suitable for the type of ride. Check your tyre pressures and to do regular maintenance on your bike.
  • You must wear an Australian Standard compliant helmet and closed shoes, i.e. no sandals or thongs.
  • Carry basic tools, spare tube, pump or CO2 cartridges, drinking water, phone, and first aid kit for treating minor injuries. Don’t rely on other people to babysit you.

Night extras

  • If riding at night, you will need adequate lighting. If the ride involves mountain bike trails or remote gravel roads, you will need both a helmet light and handlebar light. A minimum of 2000 lumens combined is recommended for off-road cycling. Your local bike shop will be able to recommend a suitable setup.
  • A tail light is compulsory if we are travelling on public roads. It is also recommended for mountain bike parks etc so it’s easier to keep track of each other, and also so the rider following you can see your back wheel. A cheap rear flasher is adequate.
  • Three words – Mosquitoes, mosquitoes, mosquitoes. Spring through to Autumn, mozzies can be thick, especially out in nature. Have a quick spray of insect repellent before setting off or they will really ruin your ride.

Safety and rules

  • Each social ride has a lead rider and sometimes a ‘sweeper’ who tails the slowest rider. If the group isn’t large enough to warrant a sweeper, the lead rider will stop at intervals for slower riders to catch up. Riders must ride between the leader and sweeper at all times and follow their directions.
  • The ride leader will take a head count before the ride to ensure no one gets left behind. If you have to leave the ride early, notify the lead rider or sweeper. Don’t just leave.
  • We will attempt to keep the ride as safe as possible however cycling is a strenuous and hazardous sport. Accidents can and do happen and are nearly always caused by rider error. It is your responsibility to ensure that your fitness level is adequate for the ride, that you are capable of riding the type of terrain being ridden, and that you are wearing adequate protection in the event of an accident.
  • If you are concerned that a section of the ride is too technical for you, get off your bike and walk it. Do not ride beyond your ability. Your personal safety is entirely up to you.
  • If you are mountain biking on single track, don’t ride too close to the rider in front of you. You will definitely have to stop suddenly at some point because a rider ahead has braked or mis-geared etc. Never tail-gate another rider on single-track MTB trails or you will crash into them.
Cycle CQ MTB Social Rides
Cycle CQ Social Rides – Hedlow & Gawula adventure ride 2018


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