Rockhampton Night Road Rides

night road rides

Note: Night road rides are designed for road bikes. If you are looking for our mixed-surface rides, visit the Mashup Rides page. If you are looking for my night MTB rides, I post these on the Rocky MTB page on Facebook.

Legal Stuff

Night Road Rides are free for anyone to attend. They cost you nothing and we accept no blame if something goes wrong. Your safety is your responsibility. It is strongly recommended that you have AusCycling membership should you cause damage or injury to others. Ensure that you read the rules on the Social Rides page before attending any of our rides.

Night Road Rides

Road rides are great anytime but as the seasons warm up, those wonderful aerial missiles a.k.a. magpies, keep a lot of us otherwise-keen cyclists indoors. And then there’s the equally fun Rockhampton heat.

Swapping your day rides to night is a no-brainer for maintaining your fitness and avoiding our feathered friends while they sleep 🙂

Rides are posted on the Cycle CQ Facebook page, so follow us there if you’d like to stay in the loop.

We aim to put in a solid cycling workout of 60 to 90 minutes, usually around 30-40 kilometres at a 25-28 kph pace depending on who comes along on the night.

The goal is to have a good cardio session however it is a no-drop ride so slower riders have a chance to build their fitness. Likewise if we can manage a faster pace and everyone’s happy to do so, we’ll chug along faster.

All night road rides leave from the Cycle CQ ‘office’ at Reef Studios, across the road from KFC Stockland. There’s plenty of parking if you decide to drive to the start point.

Most of the routes are reasonably flat with one or two pinch climbs plus sprint opportunities on common Strava segments for anyone feeling energetic.

When certain events are coming up, e.g. Challenge the Mountain, we might throw in a Saddle climb as well.


Routes vary to keep things interesting. More will be added later. Below are the Strava links. If you have a premium account, you can save the routes or download the GPS files if you want to.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to get in touch.

Andrew Thompson, Cycle CQ

Andrew Thompson, Cycle CQ

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