Curtis Island social mountain bike ride 19 Jan 2020

We headed over to Curtis Island on Sunday 19th January 2020, joining a contingent of 23 mountain bikers to explore the gravel up to Joey Lees, the flat pristine beach at Turtle Street, plus the newly built single-track green trails around Connor Bluff.

Watch the full Curtis Island mountain biking social ride on YouTube

It was an epic 51 kilometre adventure on gravel, loose sand, beaches, vine-strewn undergrowth, and single-track mountain bike trails.

The day’s outing was organised by Gladstone Mountain Bike Club and we eagerly tagged along. This was the second Curtis Island social ride I’ve attended with the club, the last one being back in April 2019 when it was a lot cooler.

It was great revisiting Curtis Island and taking the new coastal tracks and trails instead of the gravel roads. I look forward to heading over there again, after a bit more rain and maybe in winter instead of the height of summer 🙂

As well as the above video, there’s also another one of the Goat Head to Connor Bluff trail in its full unedited glory – definitely worth a watch – called 10 Minute Trails – Goat Head to Connor Bluff.

If you like the videos, please subscribe to the Cycle CQ YouTube channel, and if you’d like to tag along with the Gladstone MTB crew on one of their future social rides, check out the Gladstone MTB page on Facebook.

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