Zamia Trail social night ride 14 Jan 2020

On Tuesday night, 14th January 2020, our intrepid crew of night riders headed out through First Turkey MTB Reserve to Zamia Trail in the foothills of Mount Archer National Park.

Zamia Trail mountain bike ride 14 Jan 2020 - click to watch on YouTube

Zamia Trail is a mixed purpose trail which was all but destroyed in Cyclone Marcia back in 2015. It received massive – and ongoing – reconstruction in 2019 and is now open all the way to the summit of Mount Archer.

On this social night ride adventure, we’re only headed to Fork 4 and back, which means a big and awful hill climb with 16 mounds to negotiated – imagine an uphill pump track designed by a drunk engineer – then a sketchy downhill bit, and finally stairs before we make our way back to First Turkey.

It’s a ton of fun to ride this route and I’ve crammed 2 hours into about 15 minutes to show you the highlights of the ride.

There is also a second part to this night’s ride which was special enough to warrant its own video called Ten Minute Rides – Up Pig Down Cactus, which happens straight after where this video ends if you want to check that out too.

Thanks to the riders who came along on the Zamia Trail ride. We always have a great time on these night social rides and it’s a joy to lead mountain bikers out on tracks they might have never ridden before.

The First Turkey mountain bike trails are managed by Rockhampton Mountain Bike Club. Every Tuesday night, I lead the ‘Turkey Roll’ social rides for the club which takes us out on a variety of XC and Enduro trails around the reserve. If you would like to join us on a ride, details are posted each week on the Rocky MTB page on Facebook.

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