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Cycle CQ is a forum designed to help grow cycling as a sport throughout Central Queensland.

Whether you’re into road cycling or off-road, Central Queensland is a cyclist’s paradise. There are plenty of country roads, MTB parks, fire trails, pump tracks, and velodromes to enjoy on your favourite two-wheeled steed.

Another great thing about Central Queensland is that our cities and towns are just a few hours apart. This means that we can attend each other’s venues and events, and this helps grow our clubs and cycling in general.

The main goal of Cycle CQ is simple – to get bums on bikes. More riders, regardless of their preferred discipline, means more facilities and more opportunities to enjoy our favourite pastime.

Clubs & Events

Cycling is a great way to meet people. Some of us like riding just for the social aspect while others amongst us like to train and compete. Whatever your motivation for cycling, I want to help riders connect with other riders.

The CQ Bike Clubs page is aimed at serving that purpose. As well as incorporated cycling clubs, I’ve included local riding groups in the list.

Often, casual groups are a less intimidating entry point for novice riders and newcomers to a town. If your club or group isn’t listed, contact me and I’ll add it.

A foggy dawn at Port Curtis with the Cycle 4 Life crew - There's nothing like a brisk winter ride in the morning.
A foggy dawn at Port Curtis with the Cycle 4 Life crew – There’s nothing like a brisk winter ride in the morning.

I also hold social rides periodically plus I add random articles from time to time. I’ll do my best to keep the site growing and of interest to its users.

Aim High

Cycle CQ is a volunteer project that aims to work alongside clubs, social groups, riders, government, and the greater cycling community.

I want to see Central Queensland become a real and reputable destination for cycling enthusiasts from around Australia and overseas. Our climate provides the perfect winter destination for southern riders.

I want to see our local club members attending races in neighbouring cities that are just a few hours away – competing in friendly rivalry throughout Central Queensland, and making our clubs the best that they can be.

We have the population in Central Queensland to become something really special – around half a million people – and some of the very best riders in Australia. The only thing lacking is promotion on a regional scale.

In a perfect world, and with cooperation and cross-promotion between our local clubs, we could see cyclists from around the country spending a week or two driving from one town to the next exploring all the wonderful cycling facilities in our region, and that’s a win-win for everyone.

Rocky MTB team at Mackay Mountain Marathon 2017
Rocky MTB crew line up at Mackay Mountain Marathon 2017

Aims of Cycle CQ

Local cycling clubs are the life-blood of every riding community. They are designed to advance their facilities and membership, and that’s a great thing. This ensures that your local club remains viable and that we all have cool places to ride.

There are some areas however that fall outside the scope and purpose of local clubs, and this is where Cycle CQ aims to be of benefit:

  • provide a central info hub for clubs and social groups;
  • help new riders connect easily with local clubs and groups;
  • via articles and tutorials, provide a first contact point for new riders;
  • enhance the presence of cycling in Central Queensland;
  • promote alternative cycling disciplines e.g. rail trail rides, gravel rides, fat bikes, cyclocross;
  • help promote new cycling groups in small or remote regional centres;
  • provide an independent forum for riders to discuss local and global issues;
  • network and cross-promote events with clubs and groups;
  • share interesting info/reviews relevant to cyclists in general;
  • create an online following via articles, reviews, and general discussion ;
  • to keep national and overseas riders engaged with our region;
  • encourage ongoing government & corporate investment in cycling facilities.
Night Social Rides at First Turkey MTB Park
Social night ride at First Turkey

Anyway, enough rambling from me for now. Have a look around the site and I hope you find it helpful. I really hope that Cycle CQ becomes an indispensable tool for all the great groups and clubs in our region to welcome new members into their fold.

Feel free to contact me via the numbers below if you have any questions or feedback.

Have a brilliant day, and see you out on the streets and trails. 🙂


Cycle CQ is a project born of a passion for cycling. Our office is located at:

Reef Studios, Shop 2, 250 Musgrave St, Berserker QLD 4701

Contact: Andrew Thompson
Phone: 07 4926 7778 – 0422 276 202
Facebook: Cycle CQ on Facebook
Strava: Cycle CQ on Strava


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